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Summer 2024/ Trip to Italy


    Travel agent, Anthony Isabelli, in Italy has given a proposal for a 9 day Italy trip in 2024. The approximate dates are (June 5-13, 2024) 
based on the 2023 Mille Miglia race dates. The Mille Miglia organizers should announce the 2024 race dates by mid-October.  The tour 
would cover the Mille Miglia dates, which are at the beginning of June, which is the highest tourist period in Italy. It is best to have the commitment
sooner than later.  November or sooner would be ideal timeframe. To make it  easier and more flexible, it is recommend leaving the flight
bookings separate and up to the individuals to book on their own. If you would like  ticketing included then all the travelers would need to
depart from the  same airport and the group will need to be of 10 or more people.   Otherwise, the group can be as few as 8 people and 
as many as 16.  A rough cost estimate at this time is $4000 per person in 4 star hotels   (5 star hotels are also an option if your 
group prefers at a higher cost) in double   occupancy rooms with a group of 12 people, excluding airfare. The Rome airport would be the starting point with the Milan
airport being the exit airport.
     More information in the next few days.... Please email. Tom Casciani at NTcasciani@comcast.net

*Great Lakes Pantera is only disseminating this travel  information. GLP is not affiliated with the Isabelli travel agency and will not receive any
 monitary renumeration from passing along the travel opportunity information.

Italy 2024 PDF

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