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Wisconsin Brewery Cruise 2013

Minhas Brewery in Monroe, Wisconsin

What a beautiful day for a drive, it was 90+ degrees and sunny. The Tollroad to Rockford was really crowded due to the tollway construction but it opened up to wonderful open road west of Rockford. I ran the air conditioning in my Pantera the entire way the Minhas Brewery.

Entrance to the Minhas Brewery Lobby

Minhas Collection Display 1

Minhas Collection Display 2



Minhas Collection Display 3

Minhas Collection Display 4

Minhas Lobby items for Sale

This is where the Brew begins.


Malt, Hops,Yeast, Sugar, Water, and the Wort Begins.


Bottling and Packaging


Joe Russo Checking out the last batch of Berghoff Beer at Minhas. It is now being made at a Stevens Point Wisconsin Brewery with a different recipe.

Beer is stacked to the ceiling as far you can see.

Boxer Lager and Hammer Beer

Ahhhh Berghoff's Original Beer

More Beeeerrrrrrr

The Minhas Brewery also manufactures Soda with real sugar under the name of Blumers. Blumers Blueberry Cream, Blumers Cream Soda, Blumers Root Beer, Blumers Black Cherry Soda, Blumers Orange Cream. They offer special bottle packs of soda for purchas in the Gift shop on your exit from the Brewery Tour.


Thanks to Joe Russo for planning the event to the Minhas Brewery..and making the dinner in Rockford with Augie, Diana, and my wife Barb a fun dinner. The Stone Eagle Tavern is a remarkable restaurant with fantastic visual surrounding that catch your eye everywhere you look.The Staff and the fantastic food made for the end of a perfect trip. I hope that we can plan some more events like this with more people in attendance.


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