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The Midwest Pantera Owners Club

A Chapter of the Pantera Owners Club of America


Cars For Sale

Great Lakes Panteras will post cars for sale free of charge!

Header imageLast Update 3 /24/2019

Please check www.mecum.com


Hemmings Motor News

Very nice Original looking Panteras that you could drive anywhere expect to pay $100,000.00 +

Average Pantera that hasn't been upgraded 60,000.00 +

Basket case$ 20,000.00 +

A Rusty $10,000.00 + will cost much more to restore that what you could buy a show ready car.

Panels can run $5,000.00 each



1974L Pantera for sale in Orlando, Florida

Beautiful Yellow L, High Mileage, Nice intertior and exterior, Dual Pod Dash

Has had rust repair, very thick undercoating.(By Hall Pantera I believe)

call 407-568-7667

Mrs. Renfroe

($95,000 OBO)

It 's a beautiful car to look at..

I didn't hear it run.GR